Enabling Bio Business

Bio Cooperative

The Bio-economy Business Cooperative is the independent organization and partnership between the bio-economy SMEs in the Northern Netherlands. The Bio Cooperative focuses on sharing knowledge, realization of cost reduction and the increase of revenue for its members.


Strengthen economic activity in the bio-economy in the Northern Netherlands

Increase bio-economy innovation capacity of its members

Promote operational cooperation between members

Enhance members’ participation in policy-, research- and educational programs.


21 Dec 2023

Bio concrete

20 Sep 2023

Biotech Talent Unlocked


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Biotech Talent Unlocked, a German-Dutch project in which the BIO Cooperative participates, now has its own LinkedIn page. Follow it now for the latest news!...

Surprising Results for the ‘Bio Concrete’ Project as a Circular Alternative

Is there a market for the new sustainable product, biobeton? That was the central question of the project that Bioclear earth, a member of the...

Year event Green Chemistry, New Economy on 7 November 2023

Year event of platform green chemistry | new economy on November 7, 2023 in the Railway Museum in Utrecht....